Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get some first hand experience in testing the iPar system in my area?

Please contact the local representative in your area who can direct you a nearby course already experiencing the benefits of iPar. Alternatively, we can arrange a personal demonstration at your course. There are some 15 000 iPar products currently in use globally.

How secure are the units? Can they be stolen easily?

We have had 6 units stolen in the last 10 years. The units are course specific and of no use to a thief. The significant value lies within the software that drives the iPAR range as opposed to the physical unit itself.

What happens when we upgrade the cart fleet?

No problem, this is a fairly standard procedure and we offer 1 free change out with your contract.

Are the units compatible with my brand of golf cart? How much power do they draw?

The units have been overseen and approved by all the major cart manufacturers. They only draw 350 milliamps per hour.

Are the units waterproof?

The units are water resistant to IP54. This means that they are OK to splash with water, however don’t hit the units with high pressure water jets.

A lot of players have their own GPS. Why would they want incart GPS?

Course consistent full colour graphics included on a cart provides convenience and precision. It’s like having an interactive course guide on each cart, plus the automatic hole advance means there is no fiddling around. All this provides retainable rental revenue.

Will cart usage increase with incart GPS?

Exit polls over the last 12 years show an initial spike in cart usage. Then it settles to a 6 per cent increase in cart rentals, as the industry standard for a GPS cart.

Can Cart GPS attract more Corporate days?

The Corporate day market attracts more of the occasional (twice a year "hacker"golfer) as well as the golfing purist. It’s consistently noted for improving the overall golf experience. It's also a technological point of difference over other non-GPS courses.

How does the advertising work? What could we charge?

Scrolling ads (every 6 seconds) come up within 40 metres of the green. Corporate sponsors or tee-box sponsors appreciate the value added.

Most courses bundle their advertising and do various promotions with their corporate clientele. Some charge and some do bundling on-charging. The rates vary and are course and location specific. 

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